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News Bulletin

NEW POSITION OPENINGS: The Chelsea Area Construction Agency has two job openings.  One for Building Official/Director – read more if you are interested, and one for Office Manager – read more if you are interested in this position.  Send your resume and letter of interest by December 10, 2019 for either position to:  

NEW OFFICE HOURS FOR THE LIMA TOWNSHIP ASSESSOR: The Assessing Office is now open on Mondays, rather than Wednesdays, from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM. 

As always, assessing records are available during business hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 AM until 12:00 noon.  All Assessing Records are also available online at: .  These records are free to the public and are available 24 hours a day online.

Washtenaw County has formed a Broadband Task Force to address the problem of lack of internet service in rural areas.  One goal is to achieve county-wide high-speed broadband access by 2022.  Other goals of this Task Force are to identify households without high speed broadband access, assess resident interest in subscribing to high speed broadband if it becomes available, and achieve a state of preparedness in preparation for grants to fund broadband expansion.  Some of these goals may be achieved – in part by an already approved and funded survey by the Washtenaw County Commissioners which hopes to determine high speed broadband coverage at the houshould level in 16 rural Washtenaw County townships and to measure resident interest in subscribing to such service if it becomes available.  Lima Township will have a BBTF member.

The Township recently received an email regarding fiber installation for internet access for residents living on Parker Road between Jackson and Scio Church Roads.  Those interested may contact Washtenaw Fiber LLC via phone at 734-757-3554 or e-mail sales/at/  This information has not been verified so please do your due diligence before making any decisions.  Lima Township knows nothing about this company and is not endorsing

NO-REASON ABSENTEE VOTING IS FOR EVERYONE. Michigan’s new election laws now allow everyone to vote absentee without a reason.  If you would like to be placed on the Lima Township Permanent Absentee Voter’s List, complete the linked form and return to the Township Clerk.  Once on this list, you will receive a ballot application for every election. Permanent Absentee Voter Form

December 10, 2018 Board of Trustees approves a resolution that will adopt an ordinance to deny any recreational marijuana facilities within Lima Township. Read More

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